Living Dread Girl

"Dreadlocks: because life's too short for boring hair. Embrace the tangles and let your locks dance to their own wicked rhythm!"


Hi, I’m Missy!
I graduated from SLC Dreads L.O.C. Academy on May 1st 2022. I apprenticed at their shop throughout May and then ventured out on my own. I have loved dreadlocks for as long as I can remember. My first “dread crushes” were early Rob Zombie and Jonathan Davis from Korn. Any time I saw a set of dreadlocks in person they’d make my heart skip a beat. They’re just such a beautiful sight.
I started my own journey back in October of 2016. I had them started by Heaven at SLC Dreads and I haven’t had a bad hair day since. I am so grateful for them for giving me my dream hair. I’m also grateful for them giving me the knowledge and tools to help others in their dread journeys.
I would love to help you with yours.



First, we’ll have a spirited consultation to understand your hair goals and discuss the desired length, thickness, and overall style of your dreadlocks. Please come with clean and dry hair for your appointment. I will begin with sectioning your hair in a neat and tidy brick lay pattern. I then back comb each section and finish by crocheting down the backcombed portion. Leaving you with clean, product free dreadlocks.


My maintenance services are designed to keep your dreadlocks looking spellbindingly fresh and fabulous.  I offer root and root to tip maintenances. Throughout the process I’ll share tips and tricks on how to keep your dreads looking their best between visits.